Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award

An award to recognise the dedication and commitment of an individual who works in the field on a daily basis to protect Africa’s wildlife.

This award gives international recognition to the men and women who face danger every day to protect Africa’s wildlife. Rangers often work for little reward, risking and regularly losing their lives to protect the world’s wildlife and its fragile ecosystems.

Previous winners have included Edward Ndiritu from Kenya (2015), Manuel Sacaia from Angola (2016), Solomon Chidunuka from Zambia and Lucky Ndlovu from South Africa(2017), Julius Obwona from from Uganda (2018), Benson Kanyembo from Zambia (2019), Amos Gwema from Zimbabwe (2020),  Suleiman Saidu from Nigeria (2021), and the 2022 winner was Neddy Mulimo from Zambia.

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Meet the 2023 winner

Jealous Mpofu joined Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in March 1997. He was seeking an opportunity in life, after many years of frustration, working as a casual labourer for Zimbabwe National Parks. At PDC he heads up the team whose daily job is to track down and monitor the various study packs of painted dogs in Hwange National Park. He is responsible for reporting the whereabouts of packs in conflict zones to anti-poaching units, and he leads them into the areas to sweep for snares.

Watch the video below for a preview of Jealous’s story, or read more here.

Past Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award Winners

Neddy Mulimo – Zambia

Winner of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2022

For 36 years, Neddy Mulimo has dedicated his life to conservation. His passion and drive are the reason he was selected to run an elite and highly targeted Specialist Anti-Poaching Unit in 2008.

Watch the video to hear Neddy’s story.

Suleiman Saidu – Nigeria

Winner of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2021

Employed by the Nigeria National Park Service in 1999 as a park ranger, Suleiman has progressed through the ranks to become a Senior Game Guard Ranger at the Yankari National Park. His diligence, hard work, commitment and honesty have earned him the respect and admiration of both his colleagues and his community.

Watch the video to hear Suleiman’s story or read more here.

Amos Gwema | Zimbabwe

Winner of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2020

A dedicated, diligent, hard-working, individual who has changed the way intelligence work contributes to the protection of Zimbabwes wildlife. Over the last 15 years he has convicted the highest number of poachers of any officer in the parks authority, all of whom are currently serving prison time.

Watch the video to hear Amos’s story or read more here.

Benson Kanyembo | Zambia

Winner of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2019

In 2019 the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award honoured the bravery and dedication of a man who leads the fight against poaching on Zambia’s frontline.  Benson Kanyembo is a ranger’s ranger; physically tough, incredibly hardworking and resilient without seeking recognition or reward.

Watch the video to hear Benson’s story or read more here.

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