Pete Morkel


Dr Pete Morkel has been key to myriad African conservation initiatives for over 35 years. His unsurpassed skills in game capture, wildlife translocations and re-introductions have had a significant impact on wildlife management and conservation across the continent.

Pete is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on rhino conservation and management in the wild. It is here that he has made his greatest contributions being key to the translocation and management of many populations across the continent.

His work as a vet includes six years with the Ministry of the Environment in Namibia, establishing the First Game Capture Unit in Windhoek and then Etosha National Park.  Followed later by seven year as General Manager for Game Capture and Veterinary Services for the South African National Parks Board and six years as Manager for Frankfurt Zoological Society’s rhino project at Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

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He is the go-to person for wildlife capture in some of Africa’s most rugged and difficult environments. He has pioneered methodology for immobilizing forest elephant on foot, and worked with species such as giant sable, giant eland and Nubian giraffe.

Through his successful work in collaring a range of wildlife specifically rhino, elephant and giraffe, a much higher level of knowledge on these species as been acquired throughout Africa, ultimately helping with their management, protection and wider conservation.

Throughout this career Pete has shown complete disregard for his personal safety, whilst spending many months at a time away from his family dedicating his entire energy and attention to the conservation and welfare of Africa’s wildlife.

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