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All Tusk Conservation Awards Criteria

Across all three awards decisions are made based on the following eligibility criteria:

Awards will be given for:

  • Proven positive impact on the lives of the people and wildlife of Africa.
  • Demonstration of past successes.
  • People who act as a role model and provide a level of mentorship.
  • People whose ideas are replicable or scalable in-country and across the continent.
  • Country nationals with the exception of long-term residency (15+ years) or commitment to country/region/ building capacity of local team members for future leadership.
  • People and projects that will continue into the future and are sustainable.
  • People who take a grassroots approach to their work and are inclusive of local communities.
  • Proven collaboration amongst peers and within Government structures.
  • Work that needs to be recognised and given publicity in order to thrive .
  • People that can prove ‘value’ for money and have the ability to manage grants and reporting requirements.

Awards are not made for:

  • Self-applications.
  • Posthumously.
  • People who are undertaking pure academic research.
  • Individuals working for themselves (not part of a team).
  • Individuals working in animal welfare or the rehabilitation of captive animals.


Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa Award Criteria

A lifetime achievement award, which recognises outstanding dedication and exceptional continued contribution to conservation in Africa.

Prince William Award Criteria

  • An inspiring individual with 20+ years experience in the field.
  • Continues actively to advance conservation in Africa through innovation and leadership.
  • Proven conservation legacy.
  • Evidenced replicability of work.
  • Leader in field of expertise.
  • Proven impact supported by examples.
  • Instigated change at a country-wide and/or continent-wide or international level.
  • Source of inspiration for young conservationists.
  • Evidence of clear succession planning.
  • Minimum of two strong local references.
  • [This is not an end of career or retirement award].


Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa Awards Criteria

To award an individual judged to be emerging as a leading conservationist, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to conservation and considerable success shown in their chosen field.

Tusk Award Criteria

  • Mid-career conservationists (minimum of 8 to 10 years experience).
  • Proven impact to date.
  • Evidence of potential for future scalability.
  • Proven perseverance to overcome challenges.
  • Ability to develop and expand work using a Tusk Award.
  • Grassroots approach.
  • People undertaking pragmatic work that is both realistic and innovative/ambitious.
  • Previous Finalists will be reconsidered for the Tusk Award after 5 years.


Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award Eligibility & Criteria

An award to recognise the dedication and commitment of an individual who works in the field on a daily basis to protect Africa’s wildlife.


  • The nominee must be an active ranger and a citizen of an African country.
  • The nominee must have worked as a ranger for more than ten years.
  • Team nominations will not be eligible.


  • Recognised leader amongst colleagues.
  • Grassroots career – worked through the ranks.
  • Team player.
  • Award not defined by discipline – community-based scout, intelligence, wildlife department scout, monitoring and research based.
  • Influenced policy for management of wildlife in-country.
  • Influenced policy for ranger welfare.
  • Influenced policy for wildlife status in country.
  • Proven record in protecting/safe guarding human-rights.
  • Role model for new recruits.
  • Provides mentorship for new recruits.
  • Self-sacrifice to the wildlife and therefore job.
  • Incorruptible.
  • Courageous.
  • Impact on levels of poaching / illegal wildlife trade / human-wildlife conflict.
  • Length of service.
  • Strong local references.
  • Not a member of a private security company.

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