Josia Razafindramanana

Josia is the CEO and co-founder of IMPACT Madagascar, an NGO that protects and conserves the unique biodiversity of Madagascar while also improving the lives of its people. The challenges are wide-ranging and complex – the island has already lost 90% of its forest cover, severely impacting the habitat of lemur populations, including the Critically Endangered crowned sifaka. At the same time, 75% of Madagascar’s 20 million inhabitants are living in rural areas, with around 70% surviving on less than one dollar a day. Through Josia’s leadership, IMPACT has been able to protect vital ecosystems that sustain the lemurs, while also maintaining ecosystem services for local people, such as safe water and agricultural land.

Local management committees have received training on conflict resolution and governance, and through practical environmental education, communities have begun to adopt eco-friendly attitudes and behaviours

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