Jealous Mpofu


Jealous Mpofu joined Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in March 1997. He was seeking an opportunity in life, after many years of frustration, working as a casual labourer for Zimbabwe National Parks. At PDC he heads up the team whose daily job is to track down and monitor the various study packs of painted dogs in Hwange National Park. He is responsible for reporting the whereabouts of packs in conflict zones to anti-poaching units, and he leads them into the areas to sweep for snares.

Jealous has been an ever-present force in the evolution of Painted Dog Conservation. Jealous monitors five packs with a combined territory of more than 3,000 km2. He drives out each day, confident in his acquired abilities with radio telemetry, his inherent bush skills and his intimate knowledge of the dog’s behaviour. Often staying in the bush for days until he sees them, particularly if there is an injured dog in the pack. They are ‘his dogs’, he knows each one as an individual.

Jealous is a well-respected member of his local community and has been an amazing role model for aspiring conservationists. Having been schooled in the rural community he is testament that commitment and dedication and a passion for wildlife can be a rewarding job on both a personal and professional level.

If we don’t do something now, these beautiful animals will be lost to humankind, I want to be part of those offering tangible solutions and actions to keep the future of painted dogs secure.”

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