Ekwoge Abwe


As a leader of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s African Forest Program and President of the Cameroon Biodiversity Association, Ekwoge Abwe is widely recognized as one of West and Central Africa’s most effective, dynamic, and committed conservationists.

Ekwoge has impacted conservation on a significant local, national and international level over more than two decades. Locally, he has been critical to forging alliances between more than 40 traditional chiefs of two different tribes in the 2000km2 Ebo landscape.

Ekwoge’s research on the chimpanzee habitat requirements, social structure, and behaviour has been invaluable in developing effective conservation strategies. Forest elephant conservation has also been a priority of Ekwoge’s, and he and his team pioneered the use of video camera trapping for monitoring of Ebo’s elusive forest elephants.

One of the Ekwoge’s most notable recent achievements is leading a campaign to dissuade the government of Cameroon from logging Ebo’s forest. While the future of the forest remains unresolved, Ekwoge is committed to advocating for the involvement of peoples living around the forest to decide its future, in an inclusive and transparent local land use planning process.

I have always believed that we humans have a duty to ensure that those less fortunate than ourselves, as well as our children and future generations, live in harmony in a diverse and thriving world for the benefit of all.”

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