2013 Winners


Tusk Conservation AwardsThe Prince William Award, sponsored by Investec Asset Management, was presented to  CLIVE STOCKIL for his groundbreaking work as one of Africa’s great conservation pioneers – a man who recognised four decades ago the critical need to engage local communities in conservation and deliver tangible benefits to ordinary people living alongside wildlife.  In 1992, Stockil was also the driving force behind the creation of Africa’s then largest private conservancy in the Savé Valley, Zimbabwe, which is now home to one of the country’s largest rhino populations. 



Tusk Conservation AwardsTOM LALAMPAA was presented with the Tusk Award for his outstanding work brokering peace through conservation amongst feuding tribal groups in northern Kenya. Lalampaa has been key to creating a conservation area of 3 million acres under the Northern Rangelands Trust, benefiting over 150,000 people.  The NRT is recognized as the leading model for community conservation in Kenya – and increasingly across Africa – with a proven impact on peace, livelihoods and conservation.  The Tusk Award was sponsored by Land Rover.


Tusk Conservation AwardsDR ALASDAIR HARRIS received a Highly Commended prize from The Duke for his work with communities along the Madagascar coast, as founder and research director of Blue Ventures Conservation. Harris’s initiatives protect marine biodiversity and safeguard traditional coastal livelihoods, creating a thriving new marine conservation movement in the region. 


The other short listed candidates were: Kerri Wolter, Vulture Protection (VulPro), South Africa; Edwin Kinyanjui, Mount Kenya Trust, Kenya; and Josia Razafindramanana, Crowned Sifaka Conservation Project, Madagascar – details on their work is given below.  


Tusk Conservation AwardsEdwin Kinyanjui is the Senior Community Wildlife Officer for the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT). He heads up a unique team of community wildlife guards and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers. The team patrols Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve monitoring illegal activity which threatens the integrity of Mount Kenya’s unique Afro-Alpine forests, bamboo and moorland zones.


Tusk Conservation AwardsJosia Razafindramanana is the Crowned Sifaka Project Coordinator of the Crowned Sifaka Metapopulation Conservation Program, an association of Malagasy and internatinional primatologists dedicated to the conservation of Madagascar’s 102 species of lemur, a unique clade of primates founds nowhere else on Earth.

Over 90% of wild lemurs are threatened with extinction but Josia is currently dedicating herself to focussing on the conservation of one of the species most at risk, the crowned sifaka (Propithecus coronatus).  Fames for its idiosyncratic style of locomotion, the species has declined by 50% over the past 30 years as a result of habitat fragmentation and hunting—threats that still persist today. 


Tusk Conservation AwardsVultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up carcasses and decreasing the spread of diseases. Positioned at the top of the food chain, vultures are an indicator of the health of the environment below them.  Today, vultures face an unprecedented onslaught from human activities such as electrocutions and collisions with electrical structures, poisoning, land-use changes, a decrease in food availability and exposure to toxicity through veterinary drugs, just to name a few. Through hard work and selfless dedication over the years, Kerri has made The Vulture Conservation Programme (VulPro) into a world class conservation organization, protecting vulture species across Southern Africa and abroad. 





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